Flatbread ~ A tasty way to avoid wheat…

Flatbread ~ A tasty way to avoid wheat…

“From the kitchens of:”

Dr. Bonnie Robinson  BSc DrTCM

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

FLATBREAD ~ a tasty way to avoid wheat…

½ cup rice flour (my favourite is brown basmati)

½ cup oat flour

Scant 1½ cups water

Pinch of salt

1/8 cup raw shelled sunflower seeds

1/8 cup raw pumpkin seeds

~ ½ tsp ground black sesame seeds, optional

(Sakura Grocery by the ‘Market on Yates’ has small plastic sesame seed

grinders for $5.  Whole seeds are can’t be digested by the body, so it is

important that you grind them, if you are using them for more than a garnish)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl together.  Add enough water to ensure the mixture is the consistency of thin pancake batter.  Using a cast iron skillet, cook over low-medium heat for 15 minutes.  You want it cooked enough that you can flip it without it breaking apart.  Use 2 implements and carefully flip bread.  Cook the second side another 15 minutes or so.  You’ll know it’s done if it is not soggy inside, and it’s toasty on the outside.

Enjoy with tahini, or anything you wish!  (and enjoy the aroma in your home for hours after!)

Dr. Bonnie

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